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We work to empower writers all over the world

Earnest Writes was created to help both discovered and undiscovered writers find the inspiration they need, find the push they need to continue writing and also learn a thing or two to improve their writing skills and achieve their goals


We take pride in being a hub of information, creating easily accessible content that’s both easy to consume but also applicable.


Our publishing house features traditional publishing packages as well as self-publishing for those who want more control over their brand


Visit our bookstore and take a gander at the stories already under our belt, handpicked to join the Earnest writes family 


Nothing pushes and inspires a writer more than a challenge. We hold challenges who is open to everyone trying to bring an idea to life with support and help along the way. 


Our online community is filled with supportive readers and editors that are ready to inspire, motivate and discuss.


Our monthly literary magazine, Invincible quill magazine, features writers just like yourself with a simple submission form every month. The magazine is enjoyed by shipped across the world.


Client's Feedback

EW is a platform perfect for writers both amateur and professional, they consist of a team of strongly driven judges. I am glad to be part of their journey with many surprises as well as amazing ideas for all readers/writers.

Durga Hakuouki


If you are a writer and seek a community of similar minds and passion, then Earnest Writes is where you should be… An online community with so much dedication and passion for writing.. You don’t have to be a guru to join, every master was once a student…


Michael Nene Geejay Jeremy


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